Terrassa Resort Bakuriani

Date of completion: September 1, 2024
Terrassa Resort Bakuriani
Project status
92 %


New investment project that fuses architecture and concept with the environment.

Terrassa Resort Bakuriani is a premium class complex that will become one of the most important infrastructural acquisitions for the Georgian winter resort.

The resort project is built in city center, near “Amirani’s Park”

One of the advantages of Terrassa Resort Bakuriani is its superior location, which allows its residents to relax in the developed city center and at the same time experience healthy lifestyle and tranquility of nature.


Due to the exceptional healing properties of the climate, Bakuriani has many seasonal visitors.

Thus, Terrassa Resort Bakuriani is a sensible investment opportunity.

Bakuriani captivates both beginners and professional skiers with its variety of slopes. – Didveli, Kokhta, 25m. etc.

Terrassa Bakuriani is an ideal project because, in addition to hotels and residential buildings, it will have a diverse additional infrastructure that will create a unique experience for visitors.

The project includes: a private recreation area, an indoor swimming pool, a restaurant, a concierge, an indoor and outdoor parking lots, and most importantly, the territory will be fully guarded.

Territory is developed with united architectural style, which emphasizes its elegance and sophistication.

The project’s exterior is made of:Alucobond ,Stone and with Brick.


Terrassa Bakuriani will be an exceptional project that will have its own uniqueness.

·         Architecture in correspondence with the environment.

·         Eco-friendly building materials.

·         Optimally planned apartments.

·         Recreational zone.

·         Swimming pool.

·         Parking lots.

·         Restaurant.

·         Concierge.

·         Rental service.

·         Sensible investment opportunity.


It will be a resort project where every day will make a happy story.



Surroundings of the Terrassa Bakuriani is covered with coniferous forest. The project also includes private recreational zone of 4800 m2, that will have park for children and special zones for resting and unwinding.


Terrassa Bakuriani’s apartments are completely renovated and furnished.

Thanks to the diverse catalogue, each client will be able to renovate apartment according to their taste and desire, so it will become a place for a reasonable investment and a pleasant place to rest.

Full renovation includes:

·         Completed construction.

·         Well-equipped yard and entrance hall.

·         Hight-quality aluminum double glazed doors and windows.

·         Cables for telecommunication and internet.

·         Main entrance door made of metal.

·         Central communication already in apartment and metering.

·         Heating system.

·         Painted walls.

·         Built-in partitions.

·         Laminated interior door made of wood.

·         Plaster-cardboard suspended ceiling.

·         Laminated floor.

·         Plumbing accessories.

·         The walls of the kitchen and bathroom are tiled with porcelain stoneware tiles.

·         Furniture set.

·         Appliances such as: Oven’s surface, ventilation, washing machine, refrigerator, television.


Much attention has been paid to the architecture of Terrassa Bakuriani to make the project fit the environment.

The interior, like the exterior, plays a big role in creating the ideal living environment.

The satisfaction of the residents is especially important for the Terrassa Group; therefore, each client can create an interior to their liking.

You will preserve your individuality and characteristic in your renovated home with the help of a diverse catalogue.




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