Terrassa Gldani Green Tower

Date of completion: September 30, 2022
Terrassa Gldani Green Tower
Project status
100 %
The intersection of Sarajishvili Street and Kerchi Street


The Gldani Green Tower is a 19-storied living complex. The building counts 139 apartments. The parking zone is situated on the ground floor. The first two floors will be commercial area. The apartments start with the third floor.  

The Terrassa Gldani Green Tower is distinguished with sophisticated infrastructure, optimally planned apartments and the best quality construction materials. 

The roof will be arranged in terraced greenery. The project considers two elevators. 

Exterior will be paved with stone tiles. The energy efficient isolation blocks of “Badger Company” are being used in the construction. The apartments come as a premium-grade white frames with heating systems as a gift.  


The apartment is provided with:

·         Built-in partitions

·         Plastered walls

·         Stretched flooring

·         Door of the main entrance

·         Apartment communication systems

·         2 spots of natural gas

·         Heating pipes

·         Balcony with frost resistant tiles


The advantages of the project are:


·         Outstanding design

·         Location

·         Safety

·         Quality

·         Recreation zone

·         Affordable price

·         Flexible terms of payment

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