Terrassa Saburtalo

Date of completion: July 1, 2025
Terrassa Saburtalo
Project status
74 %
Sandro Euli street № 7


House with private parking, refined infrastructure, football and even basketball courts, this is “Terrassa Saburtalo’s“refined multifunctional project from “Tetris Development” – a perfect place which you were looking for to live in.

Every morning here will start with a breath of fresh air and harmony due to the immense 1000 m2 green area which encompasses not only deciduous but coniferous trees as well. This will be a place where you can rest and enjoy calm and joyful aura at any time of the day.

“Terrassa Saburtalo” is carefully crafted to accommodate modern and accomplished people’s lifestyle. Project is in city center, but at the same time is isolated from city noises and exhausting atmosphere. There are different zones in the Project: Green area, where preexisting green plants and trees are maintained; open parking, sports area and 3 residential blocks.

Our project is distinguished for its refined infrastructure and optimally planned apartments. Project includes three similar blocks, two of them are 21-storey, on each level there are 6 apartments, and one is 22-storey, where there are 3 apartments on each level. All of the apartments come white frame.

Before choosing an apartment, you analyze its quality, which is the most important step before purchasing it. You to have the coziest house our apartments are sound insulated due to the isoblocks that are used while building it. This will also decrease utility bills up to 40 percent.

Most importantly, “Terrassa Group” always cares for its customers that’s why project is being built in accordance with the resolution N41 of the government of Georgia. This encompasses following: Fire alarm systems, green zones etc. Also, block will have 2 staircases, 2 elevators and every apartment will have an open space to be used during the summer.

Why “Terrassa Saburtalo”?

·         Multifunctional residential complex in the best area of the city;

·         Flexible payment terms;

·         Wide rage of optimally planned apartments;

·         Energy-efficient and eco-friendly building materials;

·         Safe environment;

·         High quality elevators;

·         1000m2 recreational zone;

·         Children and sport area;

·         Football and basketball courts;

·         Commercial space;

·         Open and closed parking space;

·         Space which you were looking for to live in.








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