Terrassa Park Residence

Date of completion: December 25, 2025
Terrassa Park Residence
Project status
16 %
Tsuladze str. N34, Beri Gabriel Salosi Avenue. Tbilisi, Georgia

Concept of the project

Imagine an environment where is everything for your peaceful and comfortable life. While working on the idea of ​​the project, the main emphasis was made on green and ecologically clean environment along with flexible infrastructure.

The new residential area creates an ideal space for both young people and students, as well as large or newly formed families.



Terrace Park Residence is being built on an area of ​​40,000 sq.m., away from the noise of the city, where 16,422 sq.m. It is dedicated to recreational space.

The project consists of 6 buildings and each building has 8 floors. Apartments start from 38.69 sq.m. All apartments are designed with an open summer area and are equipped with premium frame air conditioning.

The new residential area is adjusted as much as possible to the wishes and needs of the residents. 

When buying an apartment, great attention is always paid to quality. The construction of our project is in progress according to the Resolution #41 of the Government of Georgia. It is used energy efficient and high quality building materials. Every apartment will have an open space to be used during the summer and apartments will be held in premium frame. 


In the residential complex you will find an active, friendly neighborhood environment and sophisticated infrastructure:

  • Isolated area with 24/7 security system;
  • Walking areas;
  • Children's and sports grounds;
  • CAR FREE zones;
  • Open and closed parking lots;
  •  Swimming pool and all conditions for your healthy life.


TERRASSA PARK RESIDENCE - This is the place you've always been looking for.

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