Terrassa Ortachala

Date of completion: December 31, 2020
Terrassa Ortachala
Project status
84 %
A. laist's №4

 31 storey building has 195 apartments. Parking area is located on - 1 floor. Comercial area is placed on the 1 st floor. Residential Apartments start from the 2 th floor.

"Terrassa Ortachala" is distinguished with refined infrastructure, optimally planned apartments, high quality of construction and repairing materials.

The project will be delivered in the condition of " white frame" + heating pipes

    Energy efficient project:

  • Thermal insulation between floors and apartments
  •  Pemza block is used during the construction

    Apartments include the list below:

  • Constructed partitions
  •  Plastered walls
  • Tightened floor
  • Communications will be into the apartment
  • Heating pipes


    Project Advantages:

  • Infrastructure
  • Safety
  •  Recreational area
  • Attractive design





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