Terrassa Hippodrome

Date of completion: December 31, 2021
Terrassa Hippodrome
Project status
60 %
Givi Kartozia № 12

 TOWER - type 27 storey building has 110 apartments. Residential Apartments start from the 4th floor, Comercial area is placed on the 1 st  2 nd  and 3rd   floor, Parking lot contains three storeys.      

"Terrassa Hipodromre" is distinguished with refined infrastructure, optimally planned apartments, high quality of construction and repairing materials.

The Project completion means the full renovation.


          Energy efficient project:

  • Thermal insulation between storeys and apartments
  • Energy efficient isoblock is used during the construction
  • Communal expenses are decreased to 40 %


       Apartments include the list below:

  • Heating system
  • Balconies face lifted with frost resistant files
  •  Keramo Granitis Flooring
  • Wall tiles
  • Apartment entrance iron door
  • The highest quality of metallic - plastic doors and windows with double glass packaging
  • Painted walls
  • Gypsum plaster suspended ceiling
  • Laminate floor
  • Interal doors
  • Bath Accessories


        Project Advantages:

  • Infrastructure
  • Safety
  • Quality


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